Treasure of the Gods

Zion Canyon Treasure of the Gods, is an original giant-screen motion picture
by Academy Award Winning Director Kieth Merrill

See a spectacle of the southwest in one enchanting 40 minute giant screen film! A must see experience.The giant screen feature film Zion Canyon Treasure of the Gods shows viewers the myth, magic, and beauty, of Zion canyon and southwest National Parks that might otherwise take a lifetime to experience. Thrill to never before seen drama, and spectacle, of Zion National Park, a true treasure of the Gods! Travel back in time to meet the ancient Anasazi Indians.

Enter the recesses of slot canyons. Experience the dangers of flash floods. Hang with climbers by their fingertips from towers of stone 2000 feet high. Seek natural treasure of the Southwest. Enjoy the splendor of Bryce National Park, Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado), Canyon de Chelly (Navajo Nation), Canyonlands, and Monument Valley (Navajo Nation)!

Zion Canyon Treasure of the Gods is interlaced with dazzling shots of Zion’s best known monuments, as well as aerial sequences, allowing the viewer to experience the park from a hawk’s-eye view.

* We show visitors scenes that they could never see in any other way.

* Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre brings golden cliffs, deep slot canyons, and other hidden treasures to the big screen with its destination film Zion Canyon Treasure of the Gods.

* Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre building blends pleasantly with the beauty of the
surrounding land.